Ahvaz Pipe Mills Co. was founded in 1967 and stepped the stage of industry of the country
in the October of the same year with a plant manufacturing 24-42’’-diameter pipes. Later, in
the spring of 1968, it expanded its activities by establishing a small-diameter pipe plant
producing pipes with diameters ranging from 6 to 16’’.
To speed up the pipe production and to provide increasing needs of the country, two more
plants, no. 3 and 4, were established in 1975 to fabricate small and large-diameter pipes. In
the same year, the company dispatched a number of experts abroad in order to improve its
technical potential and to update its industrial knowledge.
The following year, simultaneous with pipe  supply for gas pipeline to the former Soviet Union
and by improving the equipment of large-diameter pipe plant, the company succeeded to
produce pipes up to 56’’ diameter.

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